Current & Pending Support

This information is requested to assist us in assessing the applicant’s need for funding. The following information should be provided for BOTH the student and the student’s major advisor (specify funds that support the student’s program: stipend, research, conference travel). Explanations regarding travel funds can be appended to this document or included in the letter of support. If student or advisor has NO funding, then list their name and check the appropriate box below. Failure to provide this information will affect consideration of this proposal.

Use the following template to create a Current and Pending Support document and then save as a pdf or Word document. Attach to your application package (see Grants).

  • Student Name:____________________________
  • I have current or pending funding: Yes No
  • Major Advisor Name:_______________________
  • I have current or pending funding: Yes No
  • If Yes, fill out the following information for each grant:
  • Support (current or pending): __________________________
  • Grant/Assistantship/Fellowship Title:_________________________________________
  • Awardee Name and Affiliation_______________________________________________
  • Source of Support:_________________________________________________________
  • Total Award Amount:____________________ Total Award Period__________________
  • Portion applicable to student applicant:_______________________________________

Add more sections as necessary.