Brianna Richards

B. S. Candidate, Pennsylvania State University

Conference Travel Grant Type 1 (Society of Wetland Scientists)

“I am an aspiring wetland scientist. Once I graduate from Penn State, I hope to attend either Ohio State or Indiana University to pursue a Masters of Science. Eventually, I want to obtain my PhD and become a professor of wetlands ecology. However, in order to meet these goals I will need to learn from other wetland scientists and undergo professional development. Attending the annual conference for the Society of Wetland Scientists would be an excellent opportunity for me to network with potential mentors as well as attend skills development sessions. In addition to networking and improving myself, I would also like to attend this conference because I recently became a member of the Society of Wetland Scientists. I would love the chance to meet other members and learn how I can become more active within the society. Who knows? Maybe someday I could become one of the leading officers of SWS.