Samantha Walker (2018)

“The Wetland Foundation Travel Grant helped me to attend the 2018 SWS Annual Meeting in Denver, CO. Thanks to this support, I was able to present my master’s research on the effects of road salt on the function and structure of forested wetlands. This was an invaluable experience because I was able to get feedback, interact with other wetland professionals and to hear about the other amazing research and work people are doing internationally. As a student who is about to graduate, understanding the work and opportunities out there that I can potentially get involved in, in the future was important. In addition, I got to attend a field trip to Rocky Mountain National Park and learn about mountain wetlands and how they function. It was a wetland ecosystem I had never seen or learned about and so it was amazing to get to see it first hand and with a knowledgeable expert. As someone who has spent very little time in the western US, experiencing these ecosystems was a mind opening experience and allowed me to explore where I may want to work in the future. I cannot thank the Wetland Foundation enough for supporting this experience and helping me to make these connections, grow my wetland knowledge and obtain feedback on my research.”