Tyler Rippel (2021)

“I am extremely grateful to the Wetlands Foundation for supporting my dissertation field work with the Field Travel Grant. I was able to continue field work in the New Jersey salt marshes, which have become instrumental to my research as they are expansive marshes that are threatened by multiple global change factors. Considering our field site is a 4-hour drive from our university, this grant allowed me to travel and lodge near our field site, which made my extensive field work much easier. This grant supported numerous projects, included ones undertaken with undergrads, that investigated how habitat fragmentation impacts litter decomposition, the fungal communities responsible for Spartina sp. decomposition, mycorrhizal fungal communities associated with Spartina sp., and invertebrate food-webs. The data I collected last summer will be the last round of data collection and will provide all the data needed for the final chapters of my dissertation. This work could not have been done without The Wetland Foundation’s support.”