Eric Yando (2016)

“Thanks to the generous support from the Wetland Foundation’s Seneca Award, I was able to attend the 4th Mangrove and Macrobenthos Meeting (MMM4) in St. Augustine, Florida from July 18th to 22nd, 2016. At the meeting, I was able to present my poster entitled “Mangrove propagule dispersal and establishment at the salt marsh-mangrove ecotone: Understanding hydrology, dispersal distance, and propagule retention”. The meeting brought in mangrove and mangrove macrobenthos experts and students from around the world to share their work, discuss new projects, and network.

In addition to the meeting, I was also able to attend the post-conference workshop in the Florida Keys. This is the first workshop that I have been able to attend, and it provided me with an excellent opportunity to meet experts and other students from around the world over a week long program. This opportunity has led to new collaborations and exposed me to many new perspectives.  At both the meeting and the post-conference workshop I had the pleasure of meeting the Wetland Foundation’s Drs. Karen McKee and Irv Mendelssohn. My thanks to the Wetland Foundation’s Seneca Award for supporting me in such a great experience.”