Skyler Flaska (2020)

“Thanks to the generous support from the Wetland Foundation’s Field Travel Grant, I was able to fund the travel to my filed site several times a month over the past year. This grant became very important in facilitating my research this year because my University shut down school funded travel in the face of the pandemic. However, with this travel grant I was able to use my personal vehicle to travel to the site. Without this grant I would not have been able to conduct my research though much of the year and for that I am extremely grateful to the Wetland Foundation!

In addition to my research, I was also able to use this grant to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to gain field experience even though the University travel restrictions. I was able to provide them with the means to use their personal vehicles to reach the field site. Without this grant these students would have lost a year of field experience during their undergraduate studies, and I speak for them when I say that they are extremely grateful for the opportunity!”