Indirect Cost Policy


The Wetland Foundation defines indirect costs as administrative or other expenses not directly allocated to a particular grant activity (see Grants).  We define direct costs as those costs directly attributable to the grant activities (e.g., travel costs, field supplies).


The Wetland Foundation is a charitable entity and does not match the indirect costs rates of the U.S. government or any other entity.  Our grants are intended only for those specific costs identifiable as direct costs.  The travel grants we award to students are small (under $5,000) and typically involve activities conducted off campus (field and conference travel) and therefore do not warrant application of the usual indirect costs (facilities costs, utilities, communications, executive oversight, accounting, legal expenses, technology support, human resources, shared resources). 

The Wetland Foundation is committed to minimizing overhead costs and maximizing the amount of awards to students of wetland science.  Our indirect cost policy allows us to meet our charitable purpose to provide students with the maximum funds possible to directly support their travel expenses.