Scott Allen

Ph.D. Candidate, Louisiana State University

Field Travel Grant Type 1

Controls over Evapotranspiration in Forested Wetlands

“Evapotranspiration (ET) is the primary water efflux from many forested wetlands in the southeastern US. Few previous studies have measured ET in this environment and addressed the effects of environmental stresses on vegetation and its controls over ET. Complementing my current dissertation work on controls over evaporation and transpiration in forested wetlands, I propose to measure both total ET and sub-canopy evaporation at an additional site in South Carolina. This site provides the benefits of (1) improving our process-level understanding by adding a replicated set of measurements in an alternate hydrologic environment and (2) leveraging energy budget measurements by making them in conjunction with a research group measuring transpiration responses to hydrologic and salinity fluctuations. ”