Caroline Oswald

M.S. Candidate, University of Wisconsin

Conference Travel Grant Type 1 (Society of Wetland Scientists)

“Wetlands are dynamic ecosystems that rest at the boundary between the terrestrial and aquatic environment. Moreover, the issues that wetlands face today are complex in that they rest at the boundary between the biologic and policy landscape. The Society of Wetland Scientists’ conference is a unique opportunity to learn in an interdisciplinary setting from both wetland scientists and policymakers. As a prospective wetland restoration ecologist, I understand that in order to create an effective and sustainable restoration it is vital to understand both the ecological functioning of wetlands as well as the policies and regulations that can affect those functions. This conference is the first opportunity I have to attend a professional conference in my field of study. By attending this conference, I hope to better understand how practitioners apply both research and policy objectives into their wetland restorations. I also hope to see how what I have learned in the classroom about wetland science is being applied to new research, policies, and restorations by different scientists from around the country. I intend to gain this insight by speaking to researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers to better understand how they work together and influence each other’s work. Furthermore, my goals are very applicable to the conference theme, “Values of Wetlands. Benefits to Society”, which will emphasize the connections between research and management of wetlands. ”