Alexandra Rozin

B.S. Candidate, University of Florida

Field Travel Grant Type 2

Alaska Soil Geography Field Study Course, Dr. Chien-Lu Ping, University of Alaska Fairbanks

“The scientific beauty behind wetland soils is that the genesis and morphology are universal, regardless of subtropical wetland or permafrost wetland. My motivation for taking Dr. Ping’s field course is to test my existing wetland soils knowledge and expand my understanding of wetland soil genesis. Wetland delineation with hydric soil indicators is successful because of the universal application. I hope to take my experience with aquic conditions in Florida soils and apply my knowledge to soils I have only read about and never worked with directly. I hope to draw parallels between Florida and Alaska wetlands and expand my field experience in a challenging environment. Soils are often overlooked in wetland analysis for the more obviously visible vegetation, landscape position and hydrology indicators. Wetland soil science is playing an increasing role in understanding the emerging challenges of sea level rise, coastal forest retreat, and carbon sequestration. With a career in wetland and aquatic soil science, I hope to encourage other wetland scientists to look to the soil for solutions instead of shying away because of a lack of awareness and understanding.”