Rochelle Regutti (2016)

“The Wetland Foundation generously granted me the opportunity to attend my first professional conference. This past June, I attended the 2016 Society of Wetland Scientists Annual Meeting in Corpus Christi, Texas.  While attending the meeting, I presented a research poster on an ongoing study investigating nutrient cycling within a Pacific Northwest tidal marsh. My poster explored temporal and spatial patterns of nitrogen pools throughout a salt marsh located on the Oregon coast. This was my first time presenting my work. While I was nervous at the beginning of my poster presentation, I grew more comfortable in the environment as various professionals and students gave me positive feedback and encouragement. This experience gave me the ability to confidently explain my research. 

In addition to presenting to my own research, I was able to attend several seminars which were both informative and insightful to the various fields of wetland research that is being conducted throughout the country. Attending the seminars allowed me to connect the material I was learning about in class to real life examples. I attended the conference as an undergraduate student and the additional insight to the various fields of research has inspired me and increased my desire for knowledge. I left the 2016 Society of Wetland Scientists Annual Meeting inspired, motivated and more confident. Attending the conference has given me several ideas of how I can expand my research and I am excited to put those ideas into practice, both in my own fieldwork and pursuit for higher education. I would like to thank the Wetland Foundation for providing me with this extraordinary opportunity.”