Katherine Abbott (2016)

“Thanks to the generous support of The Wetland Foundation, I was able to travel from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, to Corpus Christi, TX to present my research at the 2016 Society of Wetland Scientists annual conference. Not only was I able to explain my research poster, titled “Blue Carbon Accumulation and Microbial Diversity in Created Salt Marshes of the Chenier Plain, Louisiana,” but I met and conversed with internationally-known wetland scientists and attended many informative and compelling talks. I was especially excited about the poster session, since I received some excellent feedback from attendees that really benefited my research as I continue working on the project. This was my first large conference, and I was able to meet many students at the student mixer who I now recognize and reconnect with at other wetland-related conferences. I am very grateful to have attended this conference, thanks to the Wetland Foundation, and look forward to continuing to represent the mission of the Foundation in my future endeavors.”