Emily Geoghegan (2019)

Emily and The Wetland Foundation Trustees, Karen McKee and Irv Mendelssohn, standing at her poster presented at the MMM5 Meeting in Singapore.

“Thanks to the generous support from the Wetland Foundation, I was able to attend the 5th Mangrove Macrobenthos & Management (MMM5) Conference in Singapore (July 1-5, 2019). At MMM5, I presented my Master’s thesis work on the effects of mangrove encroachment on decomposition and root productivity in tidal wetlands along the Northeastern coast of Florida. As my first international conference, MMM5 provided me with the unique opportunity to connect with wetland scientists that I admire, meet other students to share our methods, discuss current issues in mangrove restoration efforts, and learn about the most recent mangrove studies from all over the world.  Additionally, it was very useful to speak with colleagues, receive feedback about my project, and discuss the larger implications of my work moving forward. Additionally, I was able to attend a field trip to Singapore’s Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, where I was able to see the country’s current mangrove restoration and education efforts. It was fantastic to see how well the reserve engaged children and encouraged future stewardship of the natural systems right in their backyard. I also had the opportunity to meet the Wetland Foundation’s founders, Drs. Karen McKee and Irv Mendelssohn, who are two prominent scientists whose extensive work in wetland ecosystems has been integral to the development of my research projects. I greatly appreciate the to present my work an international conference of the world’s foremost mangrove researchers.”