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  1. America's Wetland www.americaswetland.com

  2. Association of State Wetland Managers www.aswm.org

  3. Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants (University of Florida) contains information and images of many aquatic and wetland plants http://aquat1.ifas.ufl.edu/

  4. Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation www.erf.org

  5. Environmental Protection Agency, Wetland Home Page. Includes wetland information hotline, restoration information, etc. www.epa.gov/owow/wetlands

  6. Environmental Science Careers https://www.environmentalscience.org

  7. Florida Integrated Science Center (FISC) http://fisc.er.usgs.gov

  8. GLOMIS is the Global Mangrove Database and Information System and contains articles, photographs and other information on mangrove ecosystems worldwide www.glomis.com

  9. Great Lakes Science Center www.glsc.usgs.gov

  10. Integrated Taxonomic Information System, site contains authoritative taxonomic information on plants, animals, fungi, and microbes of North America and the world www.itis.gov

  11. International Association for Ecology (INTECOL) hosts Wetlands Conferences www.intecol.net

  12. National Audubon Society www.audubon.org

  13. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration http://www.noaa.gov/coasts.html

  14. National Park Service www.nps.gov

  15. National Wetland Inventory, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,site contains Wetlands Mapper and other digital data www.fws.gov/wetlands/data/index.html

  16. National Wetlands Research Center www.nwrc.usgs.gov

  17. Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) www.nrcs.usda.gov

  18. Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center www.npwrc.usgs.gov

  19. Patuxent Wildlife Research Center www.pwrc.usgs.gov

  20. Ramsar International Convention on Wetlands www.ramsar.org

  21. San Francisco Bay Joint Venture www.sfbayjv.org

  22. Society of Wetland Scientists www.sws.org

  23. SONRIS is a service of the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources that provides free online information and data http://sonris-www.dnr.state.la.us/www_root/sonris_portal_1.htm

  24. The Nature Conservancy www.tnc.org

  25. The Scientist Videographer http://thescientistvideographer.com/wordpress

  26. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service www.fws.gov

  27. U.S. Geological Survey www.usgs.gov

  28. U.S. National Ramsar Committee www.ramsarcommittee.us

  29. Wetland Reserve Program www.wl.fb-net.org

  30. Wetlands International www.wetlands.org

  31. Wisconsin Wetlands Association www.wisconsinwetlands.org

  32. Women in Wetlands Blog www.womeninwetlands.blogspot.com

  33. World Wildlife Fund site has a Global Lakes and Wetlands Database www.worldwildlife.org/science/data/item1877.html


Some useful links to other websites with information on wetlands: