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February 22, 2018

The Wetland Foundation has a YouTube Channel where videos about wetlands can be seen. You can can also embed these videos on your own website. Check it out!

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The Wetland Foundation is a non-profit organization devoted to fostering wetland education and research, particularly in coastal marshes and mangrove forests.

Our mission is to enhance wetland education and research by providing travel grants to students of wetland science to attend conferences and field courses and to conduct field research.

Through our grants, we hope to encourage students and others to learn more about wetlands and wetland science.

May-June 2016: Karen and Irv attended the SWS meeting in Corpus Christi; Karen delivered a plenary talk: “Communication Tools and Strategies for the 21st Century Science Professional”. They also met with several current and past awardees. More info here.

April-May 2016: Karen and Irv traveled to Darwin, Australia to attend the annual meeting of the Australian Mangrove and Salt Marsh Network. More info here.

Announcing 2018 Travel Awards: see Awardees. If you are a student studying wetlands, consider applying for next year’s awards: see Wetland Grants page for details.

September 2016: Karen and Irv attended the 10th INTECOL International Wetlands Conference in Changshu, China.

July 2016: Karen and Irv attended the MMM4 (Mangrove and Macrobenthos Meeting #4) in St. Augustine, Florida and the post-conference workshop held in the Florida Keys. Tap images below to see videos.

June 20-24, 2016: Karen and Irv gave invited seminars at the Horn Point Laboratory in Maryland on how to use video to share science and a forensic investigation of salt marsh dieback, respectively. Also visited some wetlands in the area.

March 2017: Karen and Irv attended the Australian Mangrove and Saltmarsh Network meeting in Hobart, Tasmania. Irv gave the opening plenary entitled, “The Role of Science in the Restoration and Management of the Mississippi River Delta Ecosystem, USA”.